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Track Name: The Beginning
‎(Where the cost of life is the price upon a counter contract) Munitions are bound to cause cartilage carnage,
blacklister's spouses form target practice, fragmented rounds shot when a mark's established..
I plan dispatching units on the street like emergency response, mathematic's equals pennys for my thoughts
with my whole thought process collected on a song multiplied by the tracklist and everything im on..
now thats the type of credit that I want..discussing tactics with old-heads who know best,
see coke debts and code-reds made my predecessors fall but they know me im better than them all..
They say kid 'Dont be around with the loudmouth type, you've a silence so loud it could drown out voices..
you tell a person by the people in their circle' and applying that advice was without a doubt priceless..
So many choices but politics in this metropolis has got informatives monitoring for the officers who collar them..
Its never who you think so I remain anonymous, moving through the city of my origin with low-profile,
LD50style, keep the key low like the coke price..Being docile on cold nights corrupted my pattern of thoughts, yeah..
Picture how the planets revolve just like a chamber when the hammer is cocked, robbing the ring's saturn has got
Gimme the ice-caps you have on..9 planets in a barrel get shot at somebodies son(sun), murder one..potential stars are lost
Put my mother through that pain well I swear they'll be starting a war that wont cease 'til the beast himself reveals
automatic pieces sparkin' them off with fuckin' legions all brandishing swords..

Discussing capers with a homeless bloke, he spoke more sense than the papers tucked in his clothing holes,
heard me spittin' and approached me, told me 'if you focus close then you'll go where your supposed to go''
Ive no change I told him but I rolled up some potent smoke, on the street half comatosed..
he spoke knowledge like a scholar in the squalor that raised him, what he spoke was amazing though..check it -
He said ''the God we acknowledge is a fraud, created by a mortal mason to support his payslip,
Conspiracy's a word used to disreagard the truth..and your the truth so the odd's are against ye''
Saluted him and left contemplating the conversation, if only one man see's the real..
and this whole congregation's a project wasted? Well at least thats one I dont need to reach...
Track Name: Metamorphose
Just got a phonecall.. fucked up my process of thought
shit I heard left me with a complex and all,
let me put it all into context before the content involved's resolved..
the east was the offset of course in the 90's,
size five nike's jettin' from the nonsense we caused..
Spent days chillin' with our older cousins who spent their days provoking trouble
and holding grudges but told us nothing cause at night when we closed the curtains
they hit the streets with the goretexes on..Blacked out loading bullets
with prospects to rob and anyone who contested lost
back when there were no whodunnits, caused we would know who did it,
we just had a different concept of talk..Anything that happened in the east
stayed closed within it..nowadays the taskforce gets involved

You know me I dont concern with loss, so if there's disloyalty?
I wont hesitate to demonstrate by cutting my whole circle off..
(Metamorph then, show them metamorphosis)
and usually I would deter from talk but shit's annoying me,
seems im rearranging affiliations everytime the fuckin' earth revolves
(fuck them all then show them metamorphosis)

I guess the old code diminished and the mold I was made from got disposal with it,
remember danny had it all in rotation, they couldnt get to court with his cases
macken went to war with the slaters and never once saw litigation or saw it reported in papers,
and uncle joe did a bid for giving false information, rather than supporting a statement..
but dont get it misconstrued, im not saying that they chose correct..im just saying that a code was kept,
shits ridiculous these days.. boys show no respect, way too conspicuous these days
standing on the street talking charges that they beat
like the stripes on their chest are the charges on their sheets,
more stripes more rep but that mentality is weak
when a line's overstepped and fatalities are reached

(Hook Repeat)

Take it back to the call responsible for my change of thought,
people say change is good it all depends what your changing for, what the change involves
and what the change could cause..Yeah you's all know the place im from (fassaugh)
but paper talk portrayed it wrong, as the place where they erased a Don
but when my affiliations form and we change it all let it be known as the place where change was born
in the form of a hooded prophet, fuck a profit, thats my catchphrase when the majors call
thats just me though..being true is a basic so there's no explaining the pain it caused
being told that the jaws of the mason laws had morphed boys I was raised with to paid informants
you fuckers wouldnt take a loss now your enslaved to the same administration who hate us all I hope the breaks you's all
Track Name: Cold and Calculated
still lookin from a street perspective,
still tryna seek direction but im lookin with a bleek perception,
still tryna make key connections,
still tryna get a weeks extension on this weed investment,
i still haven been detected, but im still a U.C. detective short of bein arrested
and receivin a sentence for illegal possession,
cause of dealin intentions paying legal expenses tryna see it suspended,
so i still have to be attentive, but i still have beef intentions
with a sham i dont need to mention
guess i still see a need 4 vengeance coz im stil bein egocentric..
but listen 'til my breathings still, if it manifests then i believe its meant,
you probably need to look deep to retrieve the message,
sooner or later well all see the lesson..


Cold and calculated, in attitude and in etiquette
the cold side harbours my criminal form,
calculations form through analytical thoughts,
cold and calculated..Im of the chosen few,
dont speak to me unless...unless your spoken to
and for the rest of my days ill remain cold and calculated..
calculatedly cold..

you never see me act hard done by, thats to be kept interior,
stressed inside with unaffected exterior..
never hear me talk about the friends ive lost,
the word lost means they were never friends at all,
if you see me dont attempt to pretend we talk,
or call me ignorant then when you get ignored,
i keep my circle, small, and its justified,
i didnt jus decide that we should just collide,
truth is you were just disloyal,
and whats sad is im too hard headed to just look aside,
tried to put you wide, but that didnt work,
cause youd just reply that im immature,
well they say the biggest sign of maturity
is admitting immaturity,
so either im purely immature, or just mature prematurely,
better that than the unjust of being just unworthy of being trusted..


See being too cold thats the difference between indifference
to shit that would normally leave the mind twisted,
but being to calculated? thats the difference between instinction and paranoid inklings..
me? im a mixture, the genes I have are half of each, that formulates catastrophe,
I used to try to make relationships happen for me,
and anytime they broke down? straight back to the streets,
on my moneys manufactured from trees, and trees manufacture money shit,
the cash I received, invested into a dispatchal of weed,
a mathematical key divided into three hundred three point three's
with point two extracted for me from each packet:
maximum product is maximum profit,
which goes back manufacturing weed,
which manufactures more cash, back into weed, back into cash..
you ask me thats more mutual than any fuckin marriage could be..
Track Name: The International
It ends with trajectory analysis, evidence of chemical contaminants,
feds from a federal establishment:
sampling collections of a catalyst, a substance that probably caused the death of the protagonist,
the scene outa perspective of the cameras,

and the deceased with a wound still bleedin' through the bandagin'
the cause of death seems inaccurate...
because the wound is fresh so it would seem it was after death it was inflicted, possibly a plot,
illogical or not, a witness from adjacent flats said she panicked when she saw a body drop,
so couldnt recall whether or not she saw the shot..
and when the scene was uncordoned off, an outline of the corpse still drawn in chalk,
the tyre tracks left from a ford explorer lay frozen underneath the mornin' frost..
The vehicles owner - a federal agent.. so documentation wouldnt ever trace back in a court of law,
re-question the witness? she saw it all, but she was told not to talk..
fabrication of the coroners report, corruption replaced any morals in this force,
they dabble in extortion to formulate their costs, any talkin' informants get turned into a corpse
and the source? a middle-age chief of police, who fancies retirement on beach retreats,
financed by a bank who keeps him sweet - theyre laundering the cash he receives on the street,
this particular bank is european elite, controls debt in sudan through evil deeds,
providin' rebels with the arms and the vehicles needed to succeed in becomin' independent,
but if they do, then the funding they accepted, has any new established government indebted,
so its easy to see they want peace to cease, plus the south has oil so the G.D.P,
if the region is freed will be reachin peaks, easily..its all done legally
but evil breeds evil cause that evening, the banks HQ blew from strategically placed artillerys,
24 stories stories floored, attack claimed by a well known paramilitary

It starts with a paramilitant boss caught in an intricate plot,
with his provisional squad caught in the middle of war,
religions the cause, killings the mission,
administring shots, riggin' ignitions to switches on bombs,
buildings are floored, fillin' up morgues,
with innocent victims not even involved, civilians and all,
diminished or missin'
and though it happened back in the beginning
the bosses initiation involved em killin a cop,
the cops administration was of a british rapport,
he thought they infiltrated his squad and finished them all,
and when he stood back the picture was wrong,
when he looked back this wasnt what he'd visioned at all,
beyond the villanous thoughts was a legitimate
law abidin citizen caught within a sinister force,
never imprisoned before, his only criminal log,
was for a ticket he got in the municipal courts,
'til opposition made his sister a corpse,
within an instant his willingless for living was lost,
became vindictive to god, and started sniffin the raw,
bolivian rock fresh off a christian cross,
a single killin evolved into multiple deaths,
he covered his steps then prayed for forgiveness from god,
plagued by the multiple regrets,
he attempted escape from a life he was lookin to forget,
investigators of crimes they were lookin to connect,
had his face on every pylon lookin for arrests,
he left jus in time 'fore they numbered his address,
fake passport, nine mil tucked under his chest plate,
fast forward flight slips up into ascent - wait..

a decade after the bloodshed started, an old mans graspin a peace award,
hes coughin' up on a bloodred carpet, maskin' the path of a street in new york,

see sudan was a region tore between an evil war of which the man knew the meanin' of,
he brokered a deal and brought the whole region forward, now see the meaning of the peace award,
but the deal brought more than peace, a bank called a meet, CEOs in a formal suite,
sniffed sicilian with the forces chief, they lost millions when the war was ceased,
and they wanted the cause deceased..
the chief had a fed on his payroll, a scapegoat well bred for leavin a case closed,
he stepped into his ford wearin plain clothes, sat nav'd the awards, he layed low and
5 seconds analysin the scene, 4 letters typed into the screen on a 3g iphone,
2 seconds 1 ring, within seconds around drives a jeep with its lights low..
a brief exchange and the fed got up from the jeep, with a vial hidden under his sleeve,
approaches the buildings security chief shows him his badge and the security leaves,

now see the reason why the old mans coughin in mad pain,
the fed slipped the vial in his bottle of champagne,
cyanide mix put a stop to his campaign,
in a back lane he put a shot in the mans brain,
and snatched the award - to make it look like a botched robbery,
but just the across the street a witness saw it properly,
an tried callin' police, but a voice on the phone warned her not to speak,
the fed hopped in the jeep and drove off,
thinkin all loose ends tied, or so he thought
never did his research, 'fore he wrote em off
an what he didn know about the olden corpse,
used to be a paramilitant boss,
same paramilitant boss, straight out the description before,
he changed his life to aiding the victims of war,
his way of life for gaining forgiveness from god,
and though he gained acclaim and was winnin' awards,
back home he had fame for what he did for his cause
the younger generation hung his pictures on walls,
at every demonstration sang militant songs
mentionin all the shit he did before his life declined,
but see the fed fucked up with the poison vials,
the connect providin cyanide supplys,
were sum IRA connected irish boys
who recognised the truth of how their idol died,
despite news reports improvised with lies,
so they tracked the fed, tortured him half to death,
got the info put a cap his head
traced the murder to the bank in debt and
went straight for their headquarters..........
Track Name: Do You Believe
From primordial soup, evolved into a mortal excuse,
where corporate suits contort the truth with formal excuses,
warring for crude and spawning youth in porcelain tubes,
theyre watching us move with opticals hid off from our view,
were staring at reports on the news that just distract us from the fact,
were staring at the dawn of our doom, thats why've gotta keep your conscience in tune..
every tracks embedded with facts corporates dont want us to use:
and one fact is they control your mind, but your too busy tryna socialise,
in case your labelled as the loner type..or else looking for some clothes to buy,
to uphold your style so you can stay at the focal point,
it gets deeper as the oceans rise, but the media's obsessed with the socialites (what?)
its all inferior materialistics..But im the profit sent from exterior mystics

So do you see whats happening? Better yet do you believe it, tryna put together the pieces,
deceived as inhabitants.. of a world thats free, were being murdered in third degree.
see all the evil theyre channeling, better yet the shits lethal,
were being deceived by people with an evil fallacy,
thats why were living illegal, ready to intervene if we need to...

Watch as confusion tricks your mood into delusion.. the news depicts untrue fictious illusions,
computer chips used to vision your movements while your food is mixed using addictive inclusions..
you say its superstition, the truth is..were living in the age of superficial improvement,
electronic based living computers, tectonic plates visibly moving, death-tonics made of city pollutions..
digital usage electro-magnetics contribute to tumors, message-embedded subliminal tuning,
12th of the 20's extinction of humans - nah thats just exploitation of a prophecy for filming movies
were branded as a militant unit, keep your ears in tune to the message dont listen to rumors,
disinfo is the shit that theyre using now - attacking your characters much worse than any physical movements..

(Hook Repeated)

Picture a federal lab, researchers in devilish masks..developing their medical jabs
of chemicals that are injected in your endocrine glands, they brand the symbol of the pyramid on everyone's arm (MMR)..
witness the death of the identity card 'cause now were tracked with electrical tags - when you use a cash register? tagged,
enter certain premesis? tagged, everytime you step in your bank, enter addresses on the web and your tagged.
Text message intercepted and tagged, at every borded your subjected to scans metal detecting your bags, the contents that
they have are all tagged..Picture a discretional man who used to work in these federal labs and came across confidential plans,
the government trading people for dissecting apart in extra-terrestrial arcs in exchange for their technical parts (Grey's),
yeah I know what your thinking Dialect's gone mental from the hash, what if everything im telling you's fact?
The last speech he talked in he said he could see the problem, religions used to seek their prophets,
now they just seek to profit..so people dont believe their nonsense next thing their belief's are godless.
So they turn to science to devout instead, watch the amounts we spend on technology worship..
The next day his daughter had found him dead, with a pipe wrapped around his neck they called it suicide.
Track Name: Far from the End
That was a year of drained energy.. both physically and drained mentally
its 7 years after the one who gave breath to me
faced a masectomy, hysterectomy..almost seemed like a vague memory..
but turned out to be failed therapies, I blazed terribly
spent whole days introspectively, but when your living low-key
thats invitation to enemies they cut the wrong face with their homemade weaponry
and blamed it on a recipe of haze and amphetamines..
blame destiny you'll still pay heavily,
the hate got the best of me but faith intercepted me: a similar predicament with major discrepancies
I somehow escaped from a felony and through that so called friends never once gave empathy
they never even texted me..now im back out, they all wanna message regretfully your all dead to me

Dont let me be just another thing you deter to accept, prefer to reject, thats something that you'll learn to regret
I do it not cause im concerned with a cheque, nor concerned with success, nor concerned with respect
cause you either lead the way or be the sheep, succeed or fail, speak how you feel or be discreet,
compete or stay as a perceiver not seeking to reach and achieve them dreams that you see when you sleep

See looking with your third eye is not for the psychologically weak
ive had negative vibes, ive seen positive peaks..
ive even seen my demise in impossible dreams
and though improbable im weary when im walking the streets,
or when the boys laugh at me punching clocks for the week,
making offers to me from ozes of weed to quarters of keys
and thats when the conscience will speak subconsciously
'the only difference with a job and the streets is just a box of receipts..
its not the fact its a law that is breached, its cause the tax is not logged to
the beast, were just a flock of their sheep'
I got a scholarship to college had it dropped in a week..
Cause I didnt just acknowledge all the knowledge they teach
and right when i was about to stop rockin' these beats the little sis said 'your a prophet to me'
and thats how I know im probably deep (thats how I know im probably deep)

(Hook Repeat)

Fuck if your life is hard, use time, make it metamorph, being alive has a price so live with it,
I dont rhyme I define using metaphors, that give sight through the eyes I envision with
fuck a predicament, though ive always been against the odds, rejected loss.. diminished it
thats why ambition is a deadly force, so when im dead and gone in every song I still exist..
through my creations.. just like the meaning of the pyramids before they were a symbol of imprisonment
Im far from a physicist..but though mind says my time is limited, my heart knows my life is infinite..
But im branded as a hypocrite cause im all about being positive until you act ominous and then ill act ignorant
blame it on the capital district, channeling this animal instinct.